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Roberts Radio Recovering Service

Roberts recently re-introduced their old style radio in the form of the  “Revival” model and these good quality radios are very popular. Unfortunately the leather effect covering is easily damaged and after purchasing one such radio I decided that it would be worth recovering.

If you would like your radio recovered in your own fabric like one of these pictured below please contact me to discuss delivery and fabrics. Whatever you choose in the way of fabric the result will be unique and individual to you. Best results are usually had when a cotton, linen or curtain fabric is used. Oilcloth can look good as well but can show defects in the base radio casing!

You can send me your radio and a piece of fabric (size 100cm x 50cm minimum) and I will carefully dismantle it, clean all parts and recover it for you. My Charges are £90 to recover in fabric and £100 for oilcloth. Price includes return by Recorded delivery.

In recognition of the need for an easily cleaned surface I now treat all fabric with Scotchguard.


Some radios I receive for repair have missing or broken rubber feet or they are easily broken on removal. If this is the case then I will replace the feet with stick on felt discs for no additional charge.


Roberts Radios do sell radios printed with Cath Kidston or Paul Smith designs but these top £200. You can have something nobody else owns for as little as £100.

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To order:

Simply post your radio to me with your fabric (approx half metre) and contact details. I will recover it and post a photo on twitter and instagram before asking for payment by direct bank transfer. My address is:

Tony Holley,

Westoe, Glousester Road, Swainswick,



Phone 07889 323446

I am sorry but I cannot take anymore orders at this time due to the Coronavirus and also an RS Injury to my hand and cannot work quickly at the moment. I will remove this notice once things have returned to normal.

Thank you for your patience.

If you want inspiration for your radio one of my favourite fabrics is a heavy duty cotton as supplied by laura's Beau.

I have also been impressed with the quality of Acrylic Oilcloth as sold by Norfolk Textiles.

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